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At Sunrise Engineering, water’s vital role is met with unparalleled resources, technical acumen, and top-tier customer service to fashion customized solutions for water-related projects. Our profound planning and design expertise covers source, treatment, storage, and distribution, navigating state and federal regulations seamlessly. From small communities to large urban areas, Sunrise excels in water system design and upgrades, addressing modernization or growth needs with adept solutions.


Our water expertise includes:

  • Distribution Systems
  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Water Rights
  • Well Siting, Drilling and Equipping
  • Spring Development
  • Booster Pump Stations
  • Water Storage Facilities
  • Disinfection Systems
  • Surface Water Treatment
  • Groundwater Treatment

Our water services include:

  • Studies/Master Planning
  • System Modeling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Water Rate Analysis
  • Project Finance Planning
  • Survey and GIS
  • Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls
  • Pre-Design and Detail Design
  • Plan/Construction Documents
  • Alternative Project Delivery
  • Post Design Services
  • Contract Record Drawings
  • Asset Management and GIS
  • Operation and Maintenance Plans
  • Public Information and Involvement
  • Federal, State, and Local Permitting

Explore Sunrise’s water solutions – where expertise flows into innovative water designs.

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