• Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    Sunrise is a leader in the natural gas industry, and for the past 40 years has served municipal and investor-owned natural gas pipeline and distribution companies. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, the Sunrise team becomes an extension of our clients’ staff to help them achieve safe, reliable delivery of natural gas to their customers.

    Sunrise employs a “Safety First” approach to provide quality deliverables and services. Our team of experts is ready, willing and able to assist our clients with critical and complex operational and design challenges. What sets us apart is that we listen to our clients and respond to their challenges with particular regard to their operating standards and compliance to regulatory requirements.

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  • Engineering


    Our name speaks to one of our main focuses—engineering. Big city or small town, public or private, it doesn’t matter—we’re here to plan or improve it. We’ll take you from initial funding, study, and design all the way to permitting, administration and close out.

    While we’ve won awards in the past, the true reward is the lasting relationships we have built with our clients. Years of successful projects make client confidence in our expertise blossom. We are your advocate and will not stop until your project is a success.

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  • Survey


    Since 1978, we’ve prided ourselves on being a regional leader in surveying. We conduct our surveys professionally and with our client’s objectives in mind. We leverage our resources efficiently to respond to any challenge.

    Whether the survey is mapping, construction, boundaries, or as-builts, our well-versed surveyors ensure tasks are completed on schedule. Our survey teams strive to remain at the forefront by using technology like 3D laser scanning as well as more conventional methods like total stations.

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  • GIS


    Our SMART GIS mapping applications make every-day operations easier. Sunrise Engineering’s proprietary cloud-based GIS application improves and simplifies previous services. Cloud SMART GIS® provides unique mapping that is practical and clean.

    Whether it is for a utility, transportation system or park, our system will help you gather, host and support your GIS data. We provide lock-down security on your data that can still be shared with whoever needs to see it. Through Cloud SMART GIS®, clients maintain their assets in a powerful and cost-effective way.

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  • Building Code Services

    Building Code Services

    Sunrise Engineering is happy to help with your buildings code needs. We have provided plan review and building inspection services for both public and private entities across the Intermountain West for over 30 years.

    Whether a private company or an entire school district, clients can rest assured we have seen it all after performing and managing plan review services for literally thousands of projects. Our goal is to complete projects that are not only cost-effective, but also compliant with regulatory agency requirements.

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  • Community Development

    Community Development

    Sunrise provides world-class land use planning that meets our clients’ needs. Our Community Development team has experience writing general plans, zoning code, ordinances, moderate income housing plans, economic policy, and annexation policy. Our Community Development Manager has a decade of experience working with diverse stakeholders, facilitating robust citizen engagement, managing quantitative and qualitative research, and supporting city officials and staff.
    Our planning team can bring together sustainable development patterns, social, transportation, and recreational trends, GIS mapping and analysis, and infrastructure needs to create actionable plans and data-driven policies. Our experience in project management will seamlessly move your plans from scoping, all the way to implementation.

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  • Training Services

    Training Services

    Trained and qualified personnel are essential for pipeline construction and maintenance. Sunrise Training Services has many years of experience training and evaluating company and contractor personnel. We can also handle class scheduling, electronic course delivery, documentation, data entry, instructor audits and anything else related to the evaluation process.

    Our instructors’ credentials are second to none, making Sunrise Training Services a leader in the industry in overall experience. We offer complete training, proctoring and evaluation services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. This allows gas operators and contractors to be in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our evaluators will evaluate an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform covered tasks and to recognize and react to abnormal operations conditions.

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