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At Sunrise Engineering, we’re more than just lanes and signals; we’re the visionaries of your journey. From groundbreaking concepts to the final stretch, our transportation solutions pave the way for a smoother tomorrow.


Our transportation services include:

  • Pre-Construction Brilliance: Navigate assessments, design concepts, pavement management, and funding applications with precision.
  • Drainage Mastery: Expertise in hydrology, hydraulic design, detention basin modeling, and erosion control.
  • Survey and Right-of-Way Excellence: Conduct research, boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and manage ownership records.
  • Roadway Design Innovation: Transform streets with widening, rehabilitation, traffic engineering, and environmental documentation.
  • Land Development Artistry: Craft ALTA surveys, manage sub-surface utilities, and oversee land acquisition.
  • Construction Services Expertise: Oversee administration, bidding, management, inspection, and quality control.

Discover the Sunrise difference – where transportation meets ingenuity.

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