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Sunrise Engineering is your trusted partner for comprehensive construction engineering services, renowned for delivering high-quality projects within budget and on schedule. Our clientele spans municipalities, private enterprises, and investor-owned companies, with our expertise ranging from small-scale initiatives to extensive city infrastructure projects.


At the core of successful construction administration lies the strategic coordination of materials and unwavering client advocacy. With years of industry leadership, Sunrise excels in seamlessly integrating design and construction phases. We ensure optimal material selection by requiring contractor submissions for client approval, preventing issues before installation. Throughout construction, we represent our clients’ interests, leveraging our negotiation prowess for fair and favorable outcomes.


Our construction engineering services:

  • Comprehensive Construction Administration
  • Expert Material Selection and Oversight
  • Client Representation throughout Construction
  • Proven Negotiation with Contractors
  • Innovative GIS-Enabled Construction Documentation
  • Real-Time Progress Monitoring
  • Cloud-Based Storage for On-Site Data
  • Interactive and Dynamic As-Built Programs

Elevate your construction projects with Sunrise Engineering – where expertise meets innovation for unparalleled results.

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