Experience • Construction Engineering

C.C. Cragin Water Supply Project

  • Client Town of Payson

  • Location Payson, Arizona

  • Services Civil Engineering, Survey, Geotechnical, Funding Coordination, Cost Estimating, Scheduling

Project Highlights

  • Worked closely with the town to develop overall project cost estimates and a comprehensive schedule.

  • Engineered final designs and studies for the tailrace connection, raw water pipeline, and new hydroelectric generating station.

  • Piloted equipment and provided preliminary design for the water treatment plant and overall project management assistance and support services as needed.

  • Worked around a variety of challenges including limited space for construction and rock excavation, an environmentally sensitive area (a large portion of the project took place within Tonto National Forest), over 70 culvert crossings, and 3 crossings of the East Verde River.

  • Designed 13.5 miles of 18-inch ductile iron and steel transmission main to deliver water to the new hydroelectric facility, complete with air/vacuum relief valves, valving, and cathodic protection.

  • Designed a 234-kilowatt Pelton turbine hydroelectric power generation station between the tailrace connection and the water treatment plant.

  • Assisted in site selection, membrane equipment selection, piloting of equipment and preliminary design of the new 4.5 MGD water treatment plant.

  • Designed 500,000 gallon, 310,000 gallon, and 240,000 gallon tanks