Experience • Construction Engineering

Ogden Culinary Water Treatment Plant

  • Client Ogden City

  • Location Ogden, Utah

  • Services Construction Engineering, Study, Equipment Selection, Design, Bidding, Construction Administration

Project Highlights

  • Demolished existing filter building.

  • Constructed membrane filtration building.

  • Replaced black point weir.

  • Constructed mechanical dewatering facility.

  • Water reuse of 99.9%.

  • Included a conference room overlooking treatment area.

  • Performed engineering studies, design, and construction administration for new water treatment plant.

  • Defined the design parameters for the plant and performed a pilot test of the Pall Water Processing Microfiltration Equipment to determine effectiveness in treating Ogden Canyon source waters.

  • The new membrane treatment plant is capable of operating year round.

  • During the peak period in the summer months the plant operates at 13 ½ MG per day.

  • As Ogden City’s population grows, or should an emergency arise, the new treatment plant can be expanded to a peak production of 17 MG per day.