Experience • Engineering

Tridell Lapoint Water

  • Client Tridell Water Improvements District

  • Location Tridell and LaPoint, Uintah County, Utah

  • Services City Master Plan, System Modeling, GIS Mapping, Surveying, Construction Management, Water Line Design

Project Highlights

  • Oversaw the design of a 200,000-gallon water tank and nearly 14 miles of 14-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch pipe, incorporating the results of a geotechnical study and the hydraulic interaction of a nearby existing tank.

  • Designed pipelines to meet the demands of a 170-square-mile water system with topography challenges and limited resources.

  • Designed 12 directional/horizontal bores to install pipe under roads and canals.

  • Coordinated with the owner and two contractors to include associated meter replacements, fire hydrant installation, and valves.

  • Prior to system design, collected GIS and survey data to create a database of the existing system. After the design was completed, updated database to show the new improvements.