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Two New Sunrise Offices in Nephi and Vernal

Sunrise Engineering is proud to announce not one, but two remarkable developments that mark a significant stride in the company’s journey. With a commitment to providing top-notch service and meeting the evolving needs of its clients, Sunrise Engineering has expanded its footprint with a brand new office in Nephi, Utah, and a strategic relocation of its Vernal office.


Nephi, Utah – A New Beginning

In the heart of Juab County, the newly established Nephi office allows Sunrise Engineering to have a stronger local presence, further enhancing its ability to serve the community. The Vice President of Sunrise Engineering, Jesse Ralphs, PE, highlights that the Nephi office will be part of the Fillmore Service Center, strategically supporting and being supported by the Fillmore and Richfield Civil teams. This move aligns seamlessly with the company’s strategic growth plans, creating opportunities for team expansion and better client service.

The primary focus of the Nephi office will be on municipal and civil projects in central Utah. As the office continues to grow, it will act as a central support hub for Juab County, Sanpete County, and the rural communities in southern Utah County, ensuring the company can provide localized, responsive services to clients in the region.

The office is already equipped and ready for business, with staff recruitment underway. The company has also invested in ensuring a seamless internet connection, which will be finalized in the next week or two. As the office gains momentum, Sunrise Engineering looks forward to contributing to the growth of Juab County and the surrounding rural communities in southern Utah County.


Vernal Office – A Strategic Relocation

The Vernal office, which has been serving the Uintah Basin, has now relocated to 148 South Vernal Avenue, Vernal, UT 84078. This move is not just about a change in address; it represents Sunrise Engineering’s unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

The new location provides a larger and more efficient workspace, setting the stage for the company’s expansion into planning, surveying, testing, and a broader array of services. This relocation signifies Sunrise Engineering’s dedication to growth and its continued mission to provide outstanding engineering and professional consulting services to the Uintah Basin and beyond.

Aaron Averett, PE, Uintah Basin Service Center Manager at Sunrise Engineering, expresses his excitement about the opportunities this move presents for clients and the region. The Vernal office has come a long way since its establishment in 2011, growing from a humble start to a team of ten professionals, offering services in water, wastewater, recreation, transportation, site development, and other civil engineering disciplines. In 2022, Sunrise Engineering also opened an office in Roosevelt, Utah, to serve clients in Duchesne County more efficiently.

As Sunrise Engineering evolves and expands, the company is deeply grateful for the support of its valued clients. The move to the new Vernal office location will enhance the services provided and enable the company to continue serving the Uintah Basin community with excellence.


Sunrise Engineering, founded in 1978, has grown to be a regional leader in professional engineering and consulting services. With nearly 500 employees across 24 offices in multiple states, Sunrise Engineering offers a comprehensive range of engineering services to public and private clients.

These new offices represent an exciting chapter in Sunrise Engineering’s journey, a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional services and growing alongside the communities they serve. The company looks forward to the future, with its eyes set on making a positive impact on the central and eastern regions of Utah.

We thank you for your continued support, and together with Sunrise Engineering, we anticipate a bright future filled with new opportunities, growth, and impactful projects.