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Unveiling Excellence: Sunrise Engineering’s Diverse Engineering Services

As National Engineering Week approaches from Sunday, February 18, 2024, to Saturday, February 24, 2024, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the engineering prowess of Sunrise Engineering. A leading force in providing unparalleled engineering solutions across a spectrum of disciplines, Sunrise stands out as a trusted partner for a myriad of engineering challenges. Let’s explore the diverse engineering services offered by Sunrise, each contributing to the development and sustainability of communities.


Water Systems Engineering and Design:

Water, a fundamental resource, finds a dedicated ally in Sunrise Engineering. Specializing in water system engineering and design, our team employs technical expertise and a customer-centric focus to deliver customized solutions. From small communities to sprawling urban areas, Sunrise excels in addressing water-related projects with finesse. Our comprehensive water services encompass feasibility studies, system modeling, water rights, transmission pipelines, well siting, drilling, and equipping, among others. Navigating federal, state, and local regulations seamlessly, we ensure a holistic approach to fulfilling diverse water requirements.


Wastewater Engineering:

Sunrise Engineering’s competence extends to wastewater engineering, offering innovative solutions for new, upgraded, or expanded wastewater systems. With a keen understanding of community needs, our collaborative approach in planning, feasibility studies, design, and implementation ensures sustainable growth. Our wastewater services cover a wide range, including sewer system analysis, lift stations, large/small-scale treatment, and operation/maintenance planning, among others. Our Liftshield module provides cutting-edge data analysis for existing lift stations, ensuring optimal performance.


Secondary Water:

In the arid western United States, irrigation water is a precious commodity. Sunrise Engineering works closely with clients to develop irrigation water storage and distribution systems, saving on water treatment costs and extending the life of drinking water infrastructure. From irrigation water system modeling to distribution systems and water storage, we assist clients in utilizing water to its most beneficial and economical advantage.


Electrical Engineering and Design:

Illuminating the world of electrical design, Sunrise Engineering brings extensive experience to commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our expertise spans collaboration with various firms and federal government agencies, contributing to projects ranging from mines and hydroelectric systems to recreational fields and industrial buildings. Sunrise’s electrical design expertise ensures the seamless integration of electrical systems across diverse projects.


Transportation Engineering and Planning:

At Sunrise Engineering, transportation solutions go beyond lanes and signals; we’re the visionaries of your journey. Our services cover pre-construction brilliance, drainage mastery, survey and right-of-way excellence, roadway design innovation, land development artistry, and construction services expertise. From assessments to environmental documentation, we pave the way for a smoother tomorrow.


Drainage/Flood Control:

Recognizing the importance of proper drainage in civil engineering projects, Sunrise Engineering collaborates closely with clients to solve drainage and flood control issues. Our expertise ensures safe and sustainable development while meeting local and federal regulations.


Environmental Engineering and Studies:

Sunrise Engineering is your dedicated partner for robust environmental planning and impact assessments. Our integrated approach delivers comprehensive environmental assessments, covering air quality, hazardous waste management, permitting services, and environmental remediation.


Structural Engineering and Design:

In the realm of structural engineering, Sunrise Engineering’s highly specialized team excels in designing steel, concrete, masonry, and wood structures. Leveraging new technologies and analysis tools, we provide innovative solutions for diverse projects, from municipal structures to environmental and site civil structures.


Land Development Services:

Sunrise Engineering’s experience in site development spans community, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. From design and entitlement processes to inspection and construction administration, our team efficiently handles all aspects, ensuring quick project turnaround.


Parks and Recreation Engineering:

Sunrise has been a key player in the design and construction administration of parks, trails, and recreational sites. With a focus on meeting diverse community interests, our staff excels in access roads, bike paths, irrigation systems, drainage and stormwater systems, utility layout, facility design, and retaining walls. Our extensive range of park-related services includes conceptual planning, master planning, impact fee analysis, site & civil engineering, funding, permitting, construction admin, survey & GIS, environmental services, ADA compliance, irrigation improvements, electrical engineering, testing & inspection, building architecture, landscape architecture, and stormwater pollution prevention plans. We specialize in neighborhood & community parks, sports & field complexes, court facilities, trails, master planning & studies, and specialty facilities.


Industrial and Mining:

Sunrise Engineering’s diverse services cater to the needs of mining and industrial clients. From permitting and compliance to roadway design and electrical studies, our experience allows us to foresee issues, perform construction administration, and design projects that improve sites and businesses.


Renewable Energy:

Committed to clean energy, Sunrise Engineering brings a deep understanding of renewable power sources, from wind and solar energy to hydroelectric power. Our projects demonstrate our ability to navigate economic and engineering study efforts, providing clients with sustainable solutions.


Construction Engineering Administration:

Sunrise Engineering’s expertise in construction administration ensures the right materials are installed, and clients’ interests are represented. Our online GIS-enabled construction documentation provides real-time progress updates, offering clients a comprehensive view of construction projects.


City Engineering:

Working as an extension to city staff, Sunrise Engineering evaluates infrastructure needs, makes cost-effective recommendations, and enhances the quality of life for citizens. Our long-term approach and top-notch customer service make us a valued partner for municipalities.


Natural Gas Pipeline Engineering:

With a 30-year legacy of collaboration with transmission pipeline and distribution companies in both the public and private sectors, Sunrise Engineering stands as a trailblazer in natural gas pipeline design and engineering. Our expertise spans the spectrum, from designing new systems and improving existing ones to meticulous attention to permitting and environmental concerns. From project inception to completion, Sunrise excels in handling the intricacies of pipeline engineering and design. Our comprehensive services cover transmission and distribution planning, regulatory compliance, precision metering, LNG and propane distribution, safety compliance, material specification and procurement, contract documentation and negotiations, system start-up, and advanced system modeling. Trust Sunrise Engineering to be your dedicated partner, ensuring the success and efficiency of your pipeline projects with a commitment to excellence that is synonymous with our name.


As National Engineering Week approaches, Sunrise Engineering stands proud as a beacon of excellence in the engineering world. With a diverse range of services and a commitment to community well-being, Sunrise continues to illuminate the path towards a sustainable and innovative future for all.