What's New

Two New Sunrise Offices

In an effort to continue serving our amazing clients in Duchesne County and be closer to them as their needs continue to grow, Sunrise has opened up a new office in Roosevelt, Utah. All civil engineering services will be completed out of this new office, including current projects in Duchesne County such as building, water and sewer, and parks and recreation projects. For now, the Roosevelt office will be a branch of the Vernal Civil Service Center and at least one person will be there each week. Project engineers with various projects in Duchesne County who will be working out of the Roosevelt office include Jason Blankenagel, Rexford Carpenter, Jeff McCarty, and Aaron Averett. We envision this office being small only for a short time, soon expanding it to one or two full-time employees. We are actively seeking an EIT and/or project engineer to work out of the Roosevelt office full-time.

The new Roosevelt office address is: 255 South State Street, Suite #6, Roosevelt UT 84066

Additionally, Sunrise has opened a new office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to better serve our clients in Colorado. ​​​​​​​We are currently the Town Engineer for Hayden, Colorado and we were recently shortlisted for interviews as the Town Engineer in Yampa, Colorado. Sunrise has been providing structural, water, and wastewater design services in the area since 2019. This new office is a satellite office for Cheyenne and will provide ​​​​​​​water, wastewater, transportation, and some structural design services. Both CJ Walker from the Cheyenne office and Aaron Averett from the Vernal office plan to travel and work out of this office as needed. A joint growth plan to grow the office involves future work in Hayden, Craig, Yampa, Steamboat Springs, and Walden, Colorado.

The new Steamboat Springs office address is: 3001 South Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487