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Sunrise Engineering’s Transportation Service Center: Building a Legacy in the Transportation Sector

Delivering Excellence in Transportation Services with Unwavering Commitment

With a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional transportation-related services, Sunrise Engineering has been a trusted partner for clients across Utah and the surrounding states of Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona. In the early 2000s, Sunrise made a dedicated effort to build a specialized group to cater to the specific Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in Utah and the neighboring states. Leveraging the existing civil engineering service centers in each of these states, the newly formed group established strong relationships and began working on increasingly larger projects. The group thrived and achieved significant success in several regions of Utah and Idaho.

However, the group faced challenges around 2010 due to setbacks in the economy, key personnel changes, and project-related issues. As a result, Sunrise Engineering decided to re-evaluate its approach towards transportation services, and the group was temporarily disbanded. Despite attempts to maintain the DOTs as clients, the company’s growth in other areas made it difficult to dedicate the necessary staff and resources to meet the rigorous procedures demanded by the DOTs.

In 2015, the Sunrise Engineering Board of Directors adopted a new approach, leading to the establishment of a transportation-specific service center. With a focus on building a core group in Utah and expanding into surrounding states, talented staff members were hired across various locations in Utah to effectively market the multiple regions. By early 2016, a dedicated team was working on Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) projects, and the vision for the transportation service center began taking shape.

Recognizing the importance of expertise and industry knowledge, Sunrise Engineering strategically hired former UDOT employees who possessed first-hand experience with the rigorous processes and procedures demanded by the DOTs. This move proved instrumental in the subsequent growth of the transportation service center. Over the next couple of years, the center expanded to encompass 27 full-time staff members, working on DOT projects year-round.

To further streamline operations and enhance communication, accountability, and project management, the transportation service center was officially created in March 2016. This milestone marked a turning point for Sunrise Engineering, as the service center quickly gained momentum and established itself as a key player in the transportation sector. Today, the group consists of 22 dedicated employees spread across 10 different offices, successfully completing several million dollars’ worth of projects with UDOT each year while ensuring profitability.

One of the critical strengths of Sunrise Engineering’s transportation service center lies in its extensive presence throughout Utah. This presence enables the center to collaborate closely with seven other service centers and Utah Testing, facilitating transportation-specific growth initiatives in Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. Through effective knowledge sharing and staff allocation across administrative boundaries, Sunrise Engineering continues to expand its footprint in the transportation sector and strengthen its relationships with various partners.

The service center’s goals are centered around creating and maintaining consistent staffing levels throughout the year, moving away from the cyclical nature of many DOT projects. To support this goal, the center’s robust and experienced design group successfully pursued significant contracts with Kaysville City and UDOT Region 4. Furthermore, the center has expanded its services to include right-of-way acquisition and traffic modeling and analysis, enhancing its capabilities and ensuring comprehensive solutions for clients.

As the transportation service center continues to grow, it aims to become the preferred provider for UDOT, other Sunrise service centers, and neighboring DOTs. Often referred to as being in the “adolescent” stage with UDOT, Sunrise Engineering is committed to nurturing its growth and expanding its range of services. With an unwavering focus on delivering excellence, the transportation service center is poised to build a lasting legacy in the transportation sector.