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Sunrise Engineering’s Surveying Services

As we gear up to celebrate National Surveyors Week from March 17 to March 23, 2024, Sunrise Engineering takes pride in honoring the dedicated professionals who play a crucial role in shaping our landscapes. From our beginnings as a small land-surveying company in Fillmore, Utah, in 1978, we’ve evolved into a dynamic engineering firm with specialized survey groups spanning Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Richfield, and Pocatello. This National Surveyors Week, join us in acknowledging the invaluable contributions of our survey teams, each committed to precision and innovation in their respective regions.


Sunrise Engineering’s Surveying Services Overview:

At Sunrise Engineering, we embrace the future of surveying with a fusion of technology, seamlessly integrating 3D Laser scanning, UAV aerial photography, and traditional GPS methods for unmatched accuracy in mapping. Whether your project involves industrial foundations or solar array layouts, our team adapts to tight tolerances and schedules, providing innovative surveying solutions.


Surveying Expertise:

Public Infrastructure and Private Development Surveys: Comprehensive surveys for both public infrastructure and private development projects, ensuring accurate data collection and mapping for efficient project planning and execution.

Existing Boundary Establishment: Precise identification and demarcation of existing boundaries, vital for property owners, developers, and municipalities to avoid disputes and adhere to legal requirements.

Map Preparation for Improvement Projects: Creation of detailed maps specifically designed for improvement projects, providing essential information for the planning, design, and execution phases.

Easements and Rights-of-Way Acquisition: Identification, mapping, and document preparation for easements and rights-of-way, crucial for ensuring legal access and usage permissions in various development projects.

Creation of New Land Boundaries: Deliberate establishment of new land boundaries through precise surveying, a fundamental service for property subdivision, development, and legal documentation.

Resolution of Boundary Questions: Expert analysis and resolution of boundary-related queries, providing clarity and resolution for property owners, developers, and legal entities.


Specialized Survey Reports:

Record of Survey: Official documentation of survey measurements, property boundaries, and other pertinent details, often required for legal purposes or as part of property transactions.

Subdivision Plats: Graphical representation of subdivided land, displaying lots, streets, and other relevant features, essential for planned development and legal documentation.

Right-of-Way Surveys: Surveys specifically focused on determining and documenting rights-of-way, crucial for infrastructure projects and legal compliance.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys: Surveys meeting the strict standards set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), providing detailed information for title insurance purposes.

Legal Descriptions/Documents: Accurate and legally binding descriptions of property boundaries, often required for real estate transactions, boundary disputes, and legal documentation.

PLSS Dependent Retracement: Retracement of property boundaries based on the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), ensuring adherence to the original government survey framework.


Staking Excellence for Construction:

Clear and Accurate Staking Reports: Precise marking and documentation of construction points on-site, providing essential guidance for builders and ensuring accurate project execution.

Adaptive Approach to Site Conditions: Flexible strategies in staking that consider and adjust to the unique conditions of the construction site, enhancing adaptability and efficiency.

Utilization of Alignments and DXF Files for Efficient Data Collection: Integration of alignments and DXF files to streamline data collection during staking, improving accuracy and reducing time and resource requirements.


Spotlight on Pocatello Survey Group:

Let’s take a closer look at our Pocatello survey group, a dedicated team with a primary focus on boundary work, construction surveying, topography, subdivision platting, and record of surveys in the field of land development.

Nestled within the heart of Southeastern Idaho, the Pocatello Survey Group at Sunrise Engineering stands as a testament to local expertise, dedication, and collaboration. Led by the seasoned and accomplished Professional Land Surveyor, Matt Baker, PLS, the team brings a collective experience of decades to the forefront.

Matt boasts an impressive 22-year career. His journey includes becoming a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) in Idaho since 2007 and in Utah since 2015. Distinguished as a Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) since February 2011, Matt solidified his proficiency through the completion of the CFedS 20-week program in 2009-2010. With an associate degree in civil engineering technology from Idaho State University, Matt’s educational foundation is as strong as his practical experience.

One of his notable accomplishments is orchestrating significant Farm ALTA projects. Matt’s specialization in boundary work shines through residential projects, where his adeptness aligns projects with clients’ exact criteria and timelines. Proficient in GPS technology and backed by extensive experience, Matt’s distinctive approach stands as a testament to his decades of expertise.

Complementing Matt’s leadership, the Pocatello Survey Group includes Raston Strange, a new addition to the Sunrise Engineering team with valuable field survey experience, and Logun Mitchell, an organized and dependable survey technician with a detail-oriented approach. Shane Morin, an experienced survey professional, brings efficiency in CADD and field surveying work, while Phillip Swallow, also organized and dependable, manages multiple priorities with high accuracy.

What sets the Pocatello Survey Group apart is not only their individual skills but also their collective local knowledge, experience, and networking in Southeastern Idaho. This local expertise is instrumental in navigating the intricacies of land development projects in the region.

The group has been actively involved in notable projects, including working closely with the civil engineering team to complete land development and municipal projects. Two projects that showcase their capabilities include collaboration with Bannock County Planning & Zoning Department for Subdivision Final Plat Reviews and partnering with Satterfield Realty & Development for the Cascade Falls at Harvest Springs, Division 1 project.

In terms of growth, the Pocatello Survey Group has its eyes set on the future. The primary goal is to obtain certification for drone usage, enhancing surveying capabilities. Additionally, team members Shane and Raston aspire to become licensed surveyors, Matt aims for licensure in the state of Wyoming, and Logun is actively working towards completing his surveying education.

The Pocatello Survey Group at Sunrise Engineering embodies a commitment to precision, innovation, and local excellence, making them an indispensable part of the thriving landscape of Southeastern Idaho.