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Savoring the Spirit of Giving – A January to Remember

January, with its brisk winds and chilly temperatures, is not just the start of a new year but also National Soup Month! At Sunrise Engineering, we decided to celebrate this heartwarming occasion in a way that truly reflects the spirit of community, generosity, and, of course, good food.


The Canned Soup Drive: A Collective Triumph

As temperatures dipped, our hearts warmed with pride as we embarked on a company-wide Canned Soup Drive. The response was nothing short of extraordinary – our dedicated team collectively gathered an impressive 2,321 cans of soup! These cans, generously donated by our employees, will be making their way to various local food pantries across Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and Nevada, ensuring that warm meals are provided to those in need throughout the winter. This stunning figure not only highlights the generosity of our team but also showcases the remarkable culture of teamwork and giving that defines Sunrise Engineering.


The Office Competition: A Thrilling Race to the Finish

As part of the drive, we spiced things up with a friendly office competition. The numbers were so close and the dedication so impressive that we decided to recognize the top two offices for their outstanding efforts.

The Salt Lake City Office emerged as the winner, securing the top spot by collecting a staggering 22.58 cans per person, totaling an impressive 903 cans. A hearty congratulations to them for leading the charge and setting an inspiring example of generosity!

An honorable mention goes to the Richfield North Office, which came in a close second, securing the runner-up spot with an outstanding 22.0 cans per person and a total of 176 cans. Their dedication and enthusiasm deserve special recognition.


Employee Soup Cookbook: A Flavorful Addition

Amidst the soup-filled excitement, we also stirred up creativity in our kitchens with the creation of our company-wide cookbook. This delightful compilation features an array of soup and soup-inspired recipes shared by our talented team. From hearty stews to comforting bisques, the cookbook is a testament to the diverse tastes and culinary talents within our Sunrise family.


As we wrap up National Soup Month, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to every employee who participated in the drive, competition, and cookbook creation. Your hard work, generosity, and charitable hearts have made a significant impact on our community, embodying the essence of Sunrise Engineering’s commitment to making a positive difference.


Here’s to a January filled with warmth, generosity, and the savoring of moments that truly matter.