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Meet the Sunrise’s Corporate Office – Fillmore, Utah

In the heart of Fillmore, Utah, an unassuming building stands as a testament to decades of commitment, growth, and community involvement. Sunrise Engineering’s Fillmore office holds a special place in the company’s history, being not only the corporate headquarters but also the birthplace of a legacy that has spanned over 45 years. With a dynamic team of 40+ employees and an ever-expanding range of services, the Fillmore office is more than just a workspace; it’s a hub of innovation, collaboration, and friendship.

At the core of the Fillmore office’s offerings lies a diverse set of services that cater to the region’s needs. Specializing in natural gas design and inspection services for both gas companies and private groups, the office plays a vital role in ensuring safe and efficient energy distribution. On the civil engineering front, the team excels in water and wastewater improvement projects. Spearheaded by Robert Worley , the office boasts a unique expertise in water and wastewater treatment projects, as well as fish hatchery initiatives that contribute to environmental sustainability.

From its humble beginnings with a staff of two, the Fillmore office has evolved into a thriving community of professionals. Growth has been the constant companion of this office, with fluctuations as the team expanded and branched into other locations. Currently, the office is on the cusp of yet another growth spurt, both in Fillmore and beyond, with plans to extend its reach to offices in Nephi and expanding in Richfield  .

What truly sets the Fillmore office apart is its vibrant and friendly culture. Described as a close-knit family, the team here is united by a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the office walls. Upholding a reputation for quality, responsiveness, and top-notch customer service, the Fillmore team takes pride in their work and their strong client relationships. Emphasizing the value of teamwork, they celebrate victories together and support one another through challenges.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Fillmore office’s success. The team seamlessly partners with other Sunrise Engineering offices and service centers to tackle complex projects that span multiple disciplines. This collaborative approach not only enhances the office’s capabilities but also reflects their commitment to the collective success of the company.

In terms of resources, the Fillmore office boasts a spectrum of specialized services, including building & safety inspections, transportation, GIS, natural gas, training services, and civil engineering. These resources empower the team to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

However, the office’s impact extends well beyond its professional endeavors. The Fillmore team is deeply engaged with the local community and clients in Utah. Many team members actively participate as coaches, council members, and religious leaders, demonstrating their dedication to fostering a strong community bond. The office also sponsors various community events, underscoring its commitment to giving back and supporting local initiatives.

Investing in professional development and career growth is a priority at the Fillmore office. Team members regularly attend conferences such as the Western Regional Gas Conference, Utah Rural Water Conference, and Utah Water Users Conference. The office also fosters mentorship opportunities, including internships and engagement with high school students, nurturing the next generation of engineering talent.

Technological tools and systems play a pivotal role in the office’s productivity and efficiency. While the tools themselves are standard, it’s the innovative ways in which they are utilized and integrated that contribute to the team’s success.

As for office traditions, the Fillmore team knows how to have fun. From summer parties to Christmas celebrations, they find time to unwind and connect. Notably, a “turkey shoot” involving clay pigeons and a spirited March Madness contest showcase the office’s vibrant spirit.

Looking ahead, the Fillmore, Utah office envisions continued growth and success. Geographical expansion and an increased market share are on the horizon, as the office strives to contribute to the overarching success of Sunrise Engineering. In this journey, they recognize the strength derived from unity and collaboration among service centers and corporate resources.

In the end, it’s the people who define the Fillmore office. The employees here are more than just colleagues; they are a family that uplifts, supports, and cherishes each other. Their dedication, hard work, and passion are the driving force behind Sunrise Engineering’s Fillmore office, a place where innovation meets community, and dreams are transformed into reality.