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Meet Our Cheyenne, Wyoming Office

Our very own Cheyenne, Wyoming office has been making waves and experiencing exceptional growth in eastern Wyoming and northern Colorado. This comes as no surprise with our ambitious and innovative team in Cheyenne, creating solutions that work and relationships that last.

History of the Cheyenne Office

The Cheyenne office was opened in May of 2011 by then-employee, Derek Johnson. The office was opened as Evan Simpson, CEO, saw opportunities to build relationships and provide engineering services on that side of the State. In July of 2014, Spencer Ellingson took over as Service Center Manager, with Mark Davidson assuming the role in May of 2015. CJ Walker has been serving as Service Center Manager since August of 2022.

The office is located just a block and a half away from the state capitol. In the beginning, there was only one employee. Now we have 13 employees who report to the Cheyenne office. We also have three satellite offices that are tied to the Cheyenne office (Laramie, Wyoming, Ft. Collins, Colorado, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado).

Cheyenne Office Today

Today, our six part-time and seven full-time employees are dedicated to all things civil engineering, including transportation, structural, culinary water, wastewater, and construction administration, with a specialty in CPU programming as well. Sunrise is the Town Engineer for the Town of Rock River, Medicine Bow, and Manville, Wyoming, and Hayden, Colorado. We are a WYDOT-preferred engineering firm and also work closely with Holly Frontier and Sinclair refineries.

“We have a young, ambitious, and innovative team. We seek for each of us to improve at least one skill/process each week,” says CJ Walker.

The Cheyenne office has some fun traditions and celebrations throughout the year. Along with lunch during staff meetings each Monday, they always have annual summer and Christmas parties, which usually involves a Rockies game in the summer, or a large get-together at a park with games. They also have a very competitive yearly fantasy football league, which CJ claims he only lost this past year on a technicality due to the Bengals/Bills game being canceled.

With the exception of the Cheyenne office, the Fort Collins, Laramie, and Steamboat Springs offices are all new to the company, opening in 2019, 2021, and 2023, respectively Their goal is to become the preferred provider in each of these locations within the next five to ten years. The Cheyenne office is hiring one more full-time EIT in May and is currently seeking an intern to assist them in construction administration during the summer.