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Get To Know Our Cache Valley, Utah Office

Northern Utah – known for its pristine beauty, agriculture, dairy farming, and food processing, as well as home to Sunrise Engineering’s Cache Valley, Utah office.

Beginning with renting one office space in the State Farm office building with only two employees, our Cache Valley office opened in June of 2007. Just one year later, after experience substantial growth and success, we moved into a new location in Smithfield, Utah. Again, after 14 years of hard work and dedication, the Sunrise team outgrew the office in Smithfield and found a new home in North Logan, Utah in August of 2021.

Today, the Cache Valley office has 20 employees including 10 in the Cache Valley Civil service center, one in the Salt Lake City Civil service center, one in the GIS service center, one in the Transportation service center, and six with Utah Testing and Engineering. Over the past couple of years, the Cache Valley office has significantly taken off, already beginning to outgrow their current location. Sunrise has really grown and started to have a great presence in Cache Valley and northern Utah.

“We have a very talented group of engineers that are personal, smart, and clients really like them. Truly trying to serve the client has been our biggest success,” says Scott Archibald, PE, Cache Valley Civil Service Center Manager.

Some of their biggest clients include Hyde Park City, Logan City, Providence City, Smithfield City, PacifiCorp, Cache County, Bear Lake Water Company, Town of Clarkston, West Cache Irrigation Company, Newton Water Users Irrigation Company, Town of Laketown, Town of Plymouth, Town of Portage, Jedson Engineering (P&G), and several developers.

The Cache Valley office has many fun traditions and parties throughout the year including a summer Bear Lake trip combined with the Star Valley, Wyoming office, bowling night, and a great Christmas party. Future goals for this office include either buying their current building and expanding or building something of similar size as soon as possible.

Do you know anyone looking for work in Northern Utah? The Cache Valley office is currently looking for another PE, a two-plus year EIT, an entry-level EIT, a survey manager, and survey crew chief (basically a survey department).

We are so proud of our team in Cache Valley and look forward to all that they will accomplish in 2023 and beyond.