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A Deep Dive into Sunrise Engineering’s Salt Lake City Office

Nestled in the dynamic snowy cityscape of Salt Lake City, amidst a backdrop of innovation and progress, lies a dedicated and experienced team of professionals of various consulting services. This bustling metropolis, known for its vibrant energy and diverse offerings, hosts a unique gem—the Sunrise Engineering Salt Lake City office. Within the realm of Sunrise Engineering, the Salt Lake City office stands out as a distinctive hub, accommodating multiple disciplines across 10 distinct company specialties. Moreover, it serves as the venue for exclusive corporate events and pivotal company meetings. Yet, what truly sets this office apart is the exceptional team that contributes to its vibrant and unique character. As we journey through this blog post, you’ll discover the intricacies of our Salt Lake City office, from its rich history to the innovative projects and the vibrant culture that defines it.


History of the Salt Lake City Office

The Salt Lake City office has a storied history, stretching back to its humble beginnings in 1990 when an employee started working in the Salt Lake area out of his home. In 1991, as the team expanded, they moved into an office building in Draper, Utah. After a successful 25-year stint, the decision was made to own rather than rent a space and in April 2016, the team found its new home in Midvale, marking a significant chapter in the office’s journey.


Key Departments and Disciplines

What sets the Salt Lake City office apart is the wide array of services it houses. This office has experts in civil, electrical, environmental, and transportation engineering services, as well as professional land survey, community development and public involvement, GIS, training and certification services, and building code inspection services. It is also home to many of our corporate specialists, including HR, administration, marketing, and quality and safety services. Each department has organically grown to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Additionally, the Salt Lake City office serves as a central hub for corporate meetings, providing a convenient meeting point for employees traveling from different parts of the company. Board and executive meetings find a natural home in the Salt Lake office, further solidifying its role as a crucial link within the Sunrise Engineering network.


Notable Projects and Triumphs

The Salt Lake City office boasts involvement in some remarkable projects, including aiding Herriman in its incorporation as a city and maintaining long-standing relationships with clients like Rio Tinto Kennecott Ogden City, and Cottonwood Heights. These achievements reflect not only the office’s technical proficiency but also its commitment to community development and sustained client partnerships.


A Culture of Growth and Innovation

The office’s ethos revolves around fostering growth, collaboration, and mutual respect. With a diverse team, including those early in their careers and seasoned professionals, the Salt Lake City office thrives on collaboration, creating an atmosphere that is not only productive but also enjoyable. To adapt to changes and challenges, the Salt Lake City office embraces a culture of “kissing frogs,” as inspired by “The Reinventors.” This culture encourages taking small, innovative steps to find solutions and improve processes continually. While the office has left an indelible mark on various projects, the true measure of success lies in client satisfaction. We eagerly anticipate sharing success stories and testimonials from recent client surveys, highlighting the positive impact our work has on the communities we serve.


Camaraderie and Traditions: Building Bonds Beyond the Boardroom

In the midst of its professional endeavors, the Salt Lake City office nurtures a vibrant sense of camaraderie. Through traditions like summer BBQs, Halloween potlucks, and festive gatherings, employees find opportunities to connect and build relationships. Since the move to Midvale, the layout has facilitated even more interaction among service centers, creating a unified and collaborative environment.


“We have a great team at the office. The collaboration and teamwork make for better service to our clients and a fun working atmosphere,” said Stan Zeyer, Salt Lake City office manager.


In conclusion, the Salt Lake City office stands as a testament to Sunrise Engineering’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and community building. It is more than a workplace; it’s a vibrant community where professionals come together to make a lasting impact on the world around them.