Experience • Drainage/Flood Control

Meadow Valley Wash Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Sedimentation Analysis

  • Client City of Caliente

  • Location Caliente, Nevada

  • Services Hydrologic, Hydraulic, & Sedimentation Analysis

Project Highlights

  • The City of Caliente received grant funding through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA) for a linear parkway along Clover Creek and Meadow Valley Wash.

  • Understanding the potential of flood damage to the parkway.

  • The City and Sunrise Engineering determined that completion of a watershed study would be necessary prior to construction of the park.

  • The study began with a data collection and review phase in which all available existing data was compiled and reviewed.

  • From the gathered data, design concepts and design criteria were formulated.

  • Gathered data and soil samples from various locations.

  • Developed and calibrated a hydraulic and sedimentation model of the drainage system and modeled various design concepts to seek preferred channel cross-sections that would both convey various flood events and re-establish natural equilibrium in the channel.

  • Produced an understanding of realistic circumstances that considerably influenced design of the parkway improvements.