Burton Christensen, PLS

Utah Survey Manager

Expert In:

  • Survey
  • Renewable Energy

With over 19 years of experience in field investigation and data collection, Burton has directed survey projects across the Mountain West, covering virtually every type of technology and discipline available today. He has been involved in and managed numerous projects with specifications which approach the limits of what is possible with current technology.

Key Projects

  • Intel RV1

  • Kennecott Giant Leap

  • Kennecott Starter Dike

  • Kennecott Phase II Drain Blanket

  • Rio Tinto Consolidated Warehouse

  • Fairview, Utah Sewer

  • Manila, Utah Water and Sewer

  • Fillmore, Utah Sewer

  • Nibley, Utah Sewer

  • Salem, Utah Secondary Water

  • Willard, Utah Sewer

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