Operator Qualification (OQ) Trainer

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunrise Engineering is a regional firm looking for full-time trainers to conduct Operator Qualification and Pipe Joining Training per established guidelines at client locations. Certification in as many or all of the following is preferred with a minimum of 3 years experience in related work required.

• Emergency Response Training
• Abnormal Operating Conditions
• Characteristics and Hazards of Natural Gas
• Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance
• Isolation of a Gas Compressor Unit
• Compressor Station Inspection and Testing.
• Operating a Gas Compressor Unit
• Shutting Down a Gas Compressor
• Starting a Turbine Driven Gas Compressor Unit
• Corrosion Monitoring (Atmospheric, External, Internal)
• Coating Maintenance
• Cathodic Protection System Maintenance
• Cathodic Protection Systems: Electrical Connections
• Cathodic Protection Systems Testing
• Soil Resistivity Testing
• Pipe-to-Soil Testing
• Locate, Install, and Protect Customer Meters and Regulators
• Customer Regulating, Limiting, and Relief Devices
• Locating Pipelines
• Protection During Disturbance of Segment Support
• Inspection for Damage
• Damage Prevention During Excavation
• System Patrolling
• Cast Iron Joints Sealing
• Plastic Pipe: Electrofusion
• Plastic Pipe: Butt Heat Fusion
• Plastic Pipe: Sidewall Heat Fusion
• Mechanical Joints
• Plastic Pipe: Socket Heat Fusion
• Leakage Survey: Distribution and Transmission
• Outside Leakage Investigation
• Inside Leakage Investigation
• Leak and Strength Test: Service Lines, Mains, Transmission Lines
• Abandonment or Inactivation of Facilities
• Backfilling
• Installation of Steel Pipe - Field Bends
• Casing Vents and Seals
• Underground Clearances
• Installation of Plastic Pipe
• Installation of Steel Pipe
• Cover - Service Lines, Mains, and Transmission Lines
• Inspection
• Line Markers
• Pipeline Shutdown, Startup, or Pressure Change
• Protection from Hazards
• Protection When Minimum Cover Not Met
• Purging
• Uprating: Reinforce or Anchor Offsets, Bends, and Dead Ends
• Installation of Steel Pipe: Repair of Imperfections and Damage
• Segment Repair, Replacement, Etc.
• Tapping Cast and Ductile Iron Pipe
• Support, Expansion Joints, and Anchor Maintenance - Exposed Pipeline
• Tapping Steel and Plastic Pipe
• Valve Inspection and Maintenance
• Segment Removal
• Leak Clamps and Sleeves
• Bypass - Regulator Stations & Meter Sets
• Bypass - Gas Mains and Services
• Working with Blowing Gas
• Odorization: Mains and Transmission Lines
• Vault Maintenance
• Pressure Regulating, Limiting, and Relief Device Operation and Maintenance
• Service Line Replacement
• Prevention of Accidental Ignition
• Service Lines Not In Use and Service Discontinuance
• Uprating Steel Pipelines
• Uprating Steel Pipelines Less Than 30% SMYS
• Welding
• Visual Inspection of Welds
• Nondestructive Testing of Welds
• Miter Joints
• Gas Control


  • Extensive (weekly) overnight stays and travel required with some week-end and Holiday work possible.
  • Must be able to communicate, work with Clients and have computer skills in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet.


  • Attend Train-the-Trainer courses as required by clients to perform Operator Qualification, Pipe Joining Plastic, and any other Training required by clients to be qualified to be an Evaluator/Instructor.
  • Conduct Operator Qualification and Pipe Joining Training per established guidelines at client locations.
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