Experience • Electrical

Springville Fish Hatchery

  • Client Division of Wildlife Resources

  • Location Springville, Utah

  • Services Electrical Design, Construction Administration, Start-Up

Project Highlights

  • This project included the install of a treatment plant to remove/inactivate Whirling Disease from the two sources that feed the hatchery. The design utilizes an ultraviolet (UV) treatment process that neutralizes the TAMS prior to the UV treatment. This filters out particles which could interfere with the UV irradiation process. After the water is filtered and treated with UV light, it then passes to the recently covered and coated fish raceways, and to the hatchery, providing treated, parasite free water.

  • During the project, our electrical team specifically handled the electrical facility design that included backup battery and generator power sources.

  • To deal with a loss of utility power failure event, the UV system was powered from a 50KVA/45KW parallel redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with bypass capabilities. The UPS was designed with sufficient capacity to provide guaranteed power to the UV systems until the backup 250KW diesel Emergency generator could start. The system was also equipped with a 480 Volt 400Amp 4 pole automatic transfer switch to provide 7/24 automatic transfer of the power load from the utility company to the generator.