Experience • Engineering

Springville Fish Hatchery Air Stripper

  • Client Springville Hatchery, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

  • Location Springville, Utah

  • Services Design, Installation

Project Highlights

  • Completed a detailed design for an air stripper to de-gas the influent water to their existing treatment plant, removing radon and CO2 before the water enters the treatment plant.

  • Designed to remove the radon before the water enters the plant, ensuring radon levels inside the treatment building were lowered to meet the State's standards for their employees.

  • Installed two pump stations to deliver 2,700 GPM of water to the stripper from two sources, then back to the treatment plant.

  • Designed and constructed the system to ensure that the fish production process would not be interrupted.

  • Incorporated a safety system to allow water to remain flowing even if there is a loss of power or equipment failure.