Experience • Environmental

Colorado City and Hildale Hydrogeologic Study

  • Client Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah

  • Location Colorado City, Arizona, and Hilldale, Utah

  • Services Environmental Analysis

Project Highlights

  • Navajo Sandstone Aquifer

  • Shallow Alluvial Aquifer and the deep Shinarump Aquifer

  • Need for additional groundwater supply

  • Future groundwater development were identified

  • Numerical groundwater flow model

  • Modeling approach to assess the potential effects of new wells on the Alluvial

  • Aquifer water table and the Shinarump Aquifer potentiometric surface

  • Model calibrated using known water level data

  • Five 20-year transient-state models were run to simulate water level decline in the Alluvial and Shinarump Aquifers based on the addition of new water sources (wells)

  • Provided recommendations regarding future water source development