Experience • Electrical

Center Creek Hydroelectric Plant and Penstock Project

  • Client Parowan City

  • Location Parowan City, Utah

  • Services Electrical Design, Feasibility Study, Bidding, Construction Administration, Commissioning

Project Highlights

  • Sunrise designed and administered the construction of the upgrade to the Center Creek Power Plant, including the replacement of the 3.5 mile-long penstock with a new 20” HDPE and ductile iron penstock. Cathodic protection measures were taken for the ductile iron penstock to prevent corrosion and leaking issues.

  • The existing turbine and generator were replaced with a new 400 kW Pelton turbine and generator.

  • An important requirement was that the power plant be capable of operating without the grid. In the event that power is unavailable, the City will generate electricity and power a nearby building to assist the community. This means of energy independence is critical for its residents. As a result, the project utilized a synchronous generator and other equipment to enable this capability.