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Trained and qualified personnel are essential for pipeline construction and maintenance. Sunrise Training Services has many years of experience training and evaluating company and contractor personnel. We can also handle class scheduling, electronic course delivery, documentation, data entry, instructor audits and anything else related to the evaluation process.


Our instructors’ credentials are second to none, making Sunrise Training Services a leader in the industry in overall experience. We offer complete training, proctoring and evaluation services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. This allows gas operators and contractors to be in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our evaluators will evaluate an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform covered tasks and to recognize and react to abnormal operations conditions.


  • Pipe Joining Qualification (PJQ) Training and Evaluation
  • Operator Qualification (OQ) Training and Evaluation
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Appliance Safety and Conversion Training
  • Industrial Training Services (ITS) Certified Evaluator
  • MEA / ETN Regional Evaluation Center

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