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Millions of Americans take water service for granted every day.

  • Turn on the tap, and clean water flows out. Flush the toilet, and dirty water goes away.
  • When you have reliable water service, you don’t have to think twice about the infrastructure that brings water to your home or business, and then safely returns water to the environment – but we all should.
  • The reality is, America’s water infrastructure is aging and failing—and there are even communities that have never had access to infrastructure in the first place.
  • On Imagine a Day Without Water, we ask everyone to consider what their day would be like if they couldn’t turn on the tap and get clean drinking water, or if you flushed the toilet and wastewater didn’t go anywhere. What would that day be like?

A day without water is a public health and safety crisis.

  • A day without water means firefighters can’t do their jobs, hospitals would be unsanitary, and no one could wash dirty dishes or clothes.
  • Living without water is an economic crisis too: a single nationwide day without water service would put $43.5 billion in economic activity at risk.

Water infrastructure is the lifelines of our communities.

  • Our water infrastructure supports every facet of our daily lives, but our water infrastructure is facing unprecedented challenges.
  • Demographic changes and climate pressures, including natural disasters like droughts, flooding, and wildfires, threaten our infrastructure and increase the possibility of a day without water.
  • Some communities are grappling with toxic algae blooms and pollution from chemicals or raw sewage, others are facing startling groundwater depletion.
  • These challenges look different to different communities and will require local solutions, but it’s clear that reinvestment in our water systems must be a national priority. 

Strong leadership on water is key to securing our future. 

  • Imagine a Day Without Water is an opportunity to share why water is important to you, your business, your community.
  • We can speak out together, with one voice, and ask public officials at every level of government to take responsibility for our water today and tomorrow.
  • We can help secure a better future for the millions of Americans who don’t have reliable water service today, and ensure a reliable water future for generations to come.
  • Investing in our water is investing in a future where no American will have to imagine a day without water.