Ken Milne, PE

Project Manager

Expert In:

  • Water
  • Structural

With a background in business economics, entrepreneurship, and earning patents, Ken has the drive and order for successful project management. He specializes in the professional design and engineering of retrofits and new construction for a wide range of structures in the 3D modeling environment. Ken’s experience includes multiple retrofit projects, large commercial mining facilities and culinary water treatment tanks. He has been involved in several projects on five different continents.

Key Projects

  • SLCDPU 10th East PRV - Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Ogden Washington Blvd I & I - Ogden, Utah

  • Ogden 14th Street Sewer Capacity - Ogden, Utah

  • Ogden City Sanitary Sewer Infiltration - Ogden, Utah

  • Ogden 27th Street Sanitary Sewer - Ogden, Utah

  • Ogden Sanitary Sewer Master Plan - Ogden, Utah

  • Eagle Mountain 2.5 MG Water Storage Tank - Eagle Mountain, Utah

  • Herriman Zone 1 East 2.0 MG Water Storage Tank - Herriman, Utah

  • Stansbury 3.0 MG Water Storage Tank - Stansbury Park, Utah

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